Family Dispute Resolution Services, LLC — Affordable Twin Cities Mediation & ADR

Before retiring in 2015, Pamela Green practiced family law for over 35 years. Her experience as a family law attorney gives her unique insight into the dynamics of separation and divorce. Custody, property and financial issues can be emotionally charged and difficult for couples to resolve on their own. Trial is monetarily and psychologically costly, many times producing outcomes satisfactory to neither party. This in turn can lead to post-decree disputes and a seemingly endless cycle of courtrooms and litigation.

Pamela Green formed Family Dispute Resolution Services, LLC to provide parties at any stage of uncoupling a way to resolve their disputes in a cost-effective manner. Whether helping to negotiate an initial agreement through mediation or resolving post-order custody issues as a Parenting Consultant or Parenting Time Expeditor, Pam Green is committed to providing ADR services at a reasonable cost to parties experiencing family transition.

With offices in Bloomington, Family Dispute Resolution Services, LLC provides mediation, parenting consultant and parenting time expeditor services to clients throughout the Twin Cities area and in Greater Minnesota.