Family Dispute Resolution Services LLC's mediation services are $200 per hour, which applies to all time the mediator spends on the case, including telephone conferences with the parties or their attorneys, preparation for and time spent in mediation sessions, and drafting mediation summaries and letters.

A deposit of $800 is required in advance of the initial session to cover out of session work performed by the mediator. If any portion of the deposit is unused at the conclusion of the mediation process, it will be returned to the client(s).

Each party is required to execute an Agreement to Mediate prior to or at the beginning of the initial mediation session.

Mediation sessions are typically scheduled for three hours. Payment in full is required at the conclusion of each mediation session.

Unless otherwise specified in a court order or written agreement, mediation fees and deposits are equally divided between the parties.

Family Dispute Resolution Services, LLC will consider referrals from the court for pro bono or reduced fee mediation cases by advance agreement only.