How does the parenting neutral process work?

A Parenting Consultant or Parenting Time Expeditor cannot work with you unless they have been appointed to that role in a court order. Most PCs and PTEs are also going to require the parents to sign a contract and pay a deposit for services. Only when these three steps have been completed (appointment order, signed contract, deposit paid) will the parenting neutral be able to address a pending issue.

One or both parties can bring a parenting issue to the PC or PTE. The neutral will first attempt to mediate a resolution between the parties, usually during an in-person meeting. If agreement between the parties is not possible then the neutral will make a decision on the issue. The decision will always be in writing, although some time-sensitive decisions may need to be communicated verbally or in an email first and then followed up in writing.

The parenting neutral’s decision is binding on the parties as soon as it is issued. If one or both parties do not like the decision, they are free to make a motion to the Court to have the decision of the parenting neutral revised or overturned. However, the neutral’s decision remains in effect unless and until that happens.