Moderated Settlement Conference

A Moderated Settlement Conference is a voluntary, confidential process that typically occurs late in the case, usually a few weeks before a scheduled trial date. A Moderated Settlement Conference is a hybrid process in which a neutral may offer evaluative opinions to assist the parties in negotiating a settlement and may also, with the consent of the parties, consult with the assigned judicial officer in an effort to settle the case.

The Moderator's hourly rates are established by the Court and are allocated between the parties in the Moderated Settlement Conference Order. Payment in full at the time of the conference is required, including payment for pre-conference preparation and document review.

Moderated Settlement Conferences are scheduled by the judicial officer with the consent of both parties. If you would like to use Pamela Green as your moderator, please ask your judicial officer to call our office at (952) 562-7835 to confirm Ms. Green's availability.